Venice event 29th June, 2014 Casa Punto Croce _ Gatarigole is a cultural event dedicated to the Venice citiziens, created in order to discover and partecipate to the daily activities in a unique space: Campo ...


Leggere prima dell’uso

MA Thesis project _ The project “Read before use” is included in the field of Instructional Design and, specifically between user manuals. The increase in production of objects, the growth of their features and the ...



A Revival of Classic Novels, The book affair Automatic book, David Horwitz, Sun68 _ ‘1984’ is one of the ten covers winners of the contest “A Revival of Classic Novels” in which you had to ...


Do It Yourself

BA Thesis project Do It Yourself is a handbook of information and sustainable development. The need of encouraging the reader to take an active part in the environmental issues, led to the creation of a ...


Chem of Love

Information Design Lab 1, Katerina Dolejsova With Andrea Bonaccorso, Rocco Leggieri e Francesco Totaro _ Chem of Love is a web-application designed to teach science to high school students. It’s an interactive platform for learning ...


Drag queen

Communication Design Lab 1, Leonardo Sonnoli  – With Luigi Frettoloso, Adelaide Imperato, Ivo Pisanti e Francesco Totaro This book tells the stories of five Drag Queens interviewed by us. In Italy is difficult to talk ...



Internship, Art Direction by Design by Atlas Enzima is a store of supplements and raw food, specializing in preventive and therapeutics medicine. With Maggy Villarroel I designed the illustrations for the website, postcards and posters.


Non omnis moriar

Editorial project of BA Thesis in Fashion Design by Silvia Romanelli – Video producted by htb collective (I’m a member of it) The boundary lines between real and fictitious elements of the past merge into ...


SMN 24h

Information Design Lab 1, Bonini Lessing and Pescolderung – With Gloria Angelini and Nicola Leone Twenty Four Hours is a project employed in Campo Santa Maria Nova in Venice, intended to communicate the figurative identity ...



Communication Design Lab 2, Salottobuono – With Giorgio Fanecco, Adelaide Imperato, Anna Lanaro, Giada Mialich e Maura Rubin In this project, we analyzed a design’s product: the rotating chair Spun by Magis. We studied its ...



Editorial project of BA Thesis in Fashion Design by Alice Di Ilio “PORRAJMOS. Eclissi di un popolo”. The aim is to translate the story of a Rom community, the “Lovara”, in a modern and understandable ...



Michaux Video art collective Htb Film collective Setecento Artisanal Heritage Studio


Nuovi Argomenti

Communication Design Lab 2, Enrico Camplani Nuovi Argomenti is the restyling of corporate identity for Mondadori’s cultural and literary magazine. The project includes the redesigning of the logo, the cover magazine, the internal layout and ...



Communication Design Lab 1, Artemio Croatto The aim of the catalog of photographic film WESS (brand name, derived from the union of the names of two famous photographers: Henri Cartier-Bresson and Edward Weston) is to ...



Tandem is an exhibition at the studio Co.Me in Treviso devoted to two wheels, a series of illustrations that tell shapes, patterns and characteristics of the bicycle.



Typography Lab, Giorgio Cedolin Tipografia is a booklet designed in honor of Experimenta Typographica by Willem Sandberg. The subject of my work was the perception.



Sometimes I love to take photos, sometimes I don’t.